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Sydney, Australia

Mission Driven Single Pool Operator

Ticker: USONE

Pool ID: 576e0390ac54e3751afdaa8aa256f41b84a6324006f23991f6fdefb7

Our Mission :

Support charities that are making a difference WORLDWIDE.

Pledge to only ever operate a single Cardano Stake Pool to help ensure the Decentralisation of the Network.

Our Multinational Team of experienced IT Professionals provide the expertise to ensure a secure and extremely reliable pool for our delegators. 

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From small things, big things grow 

Especially when we work together.

from small things, big things grow

You can help us by staking your ADA with USONE

donates 20% of all fees earned to:

The Fred Hollows Foundation

We are very excited to assist with their vision to eliminate avoidable blindness and improve Indigenous health around the world. 

The Fred Hollows Foundation is inspired by the work of the late Professor Fred Hollows - an eye doctor who championed the right of all people to high quality and affordable eye care and good health.

The Foundation works in more than 25 countries and, since being established in 1992, has restored sight to over two million people worldwide.

......... but there is so much still to do all over the world.

Let's stand together: right now the world needs extraordinary people

Delegating ADA – your stake, your call

When it comes to delegating ADA and choosing a stake pool, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. The Cardano stake pool ecosystem is coming alive, with a host of great stake pools to choose from.

So where to delegate - and what should you base your choice on?

This video, from IOHK, gives you a great overview.

Size doesn't always matter!

Larger $ADA Stake Pools don't equal larger rewards

Take another look and consider delegating to a small MISSION DRIVEN pool.

WE'RE WORTH IT, in more ways than one!!

Large Pools vs Smaller Pools

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